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Michelle has had a diversified corporate and entrepreneurial career. Through the cumulation of various skill sets, mentors and personally owned businesses she has honed those experiences to be one of the youngest and successful C.O.O’s of multiple fortune 500 Companies. 

Her career started at the races! A young Female young drag-racer was not at all common at that time. Actually, most viewed it as non-acceptable in the industry as it is predominantly male. While she was there, all the famous racers gave her a daily challenge to "get your feet wet" before diving into the deep end. Thinking that she needed to be eased into it and could not handle what was to come. Well... not for this ambitious woman. She dove right into becoming a super comp drag racer and eventually managed a clothing line for one of the famous Top Fuel Drag-racers in the NHRA. When she finally felt capped in the knowledge that she could acquire from that company, she continued her career towards a faster paced business track. She thought nothing could be faster than working for one of the top race teams in the Los Alamitos Horse Racetrack as an Accountant. Still needing a challenge and wanting to further her knowledge in Accounting, she migrated to a flight school where she was offered a management position. Simultaneously, while mentoring in accounting and working to acquire her pilot's license. 

After a year into her position, she was able to achieve that dream and became a licensed pilot. Due to her extensive time in the Aeronautical industry, she was accepted into Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. She thought that should be her course of pursuit per all the time and training she put into her position. Even though it wasn’t her true passion. However, once she got a taste of entrepreneurship her quench could not be sustained. Instead of choosing to be educated by a traditional educational institution she chose to go the mentorship route. Through her passion, dedication and vibrant personality she became a mentee of a Harvard Grad billionaire. 

Wanting to really challenge her, this mentor offered her an opportunity to build an executive suite company. She would be involved and oversee from breaking ground to the successful acquisition exit strategy. The next elevations of her journey include her becoming the C.O.O of an award winning technology company and VP of Sales at an award winning nutritional organization. From there, she went onto business consulting, mentoring, business investing and even became a serial entrepreneur. She’s been a public speaker at Universities and teen schools along with having bought and sold multiple businesses. Her experience also extends to having sat on multiple company and political boards all before the age of 30. One of her continued passions is working through her fears to continuously push her boundaries. She does this as the founder of Fear Battle Series with other great masters. Continued growth of oneself can be scary, but isn’t fear just excitement without breathing?… So just breathe. 

By compounding all her education, experience, and natural talents she has and continues to take their company to new heights while staying aligned in her true passion and purpose every day. Current CEO and Co-Founder of Allrealms, Inc, Ultimate Body Quest, and Ultimate Business Quest.

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