Work/Life Balance through BPR 

Many entrepreneurs, while they're, while they're in business, are completely focused on personal so it bifurcates their focus, and they do not focus on an hour-to-hour basis on exactly what they're wanting to accomplish. So for example, I've seen a lot of entrepreneurs have about 80 to 90% of their day focused on business, even though they might be picking their kids up from school or dropping them off or going to a play with or you know, going to the movies with somebody that they're in a relationship with that whole entire time, they're not really focused on that particular moment or experience, in the back of their mind, all they're thinking about is everything that they need to get done, which really throws the entrepreneur out of balance, because they have no downtime, even though it may seem like on paper, they have downtime, because they're doing all of these activities, their brain, and what they're focused on, is not giving them that break. 

Business Start-Ups

“There’s a real need for entrepreneurs to access a fun, gamified way to learn how they can start their businesses,” said Michelle S. Fox, co-founder and serial entrepreneur. “A quarter of entrepreneurs are searching for information online and struggling to streamline everything they need, and as a result, 42% of businesses fail due to lack of product-market fit. Our mission is to help other entrepreneurs show up, find success and leave a lasting legacy.”

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